Internal Family Systems Group Work

The following coaching groups run throughout the year supporting members to become more familiar with their internal parts through a variety of didactic and experiential exercises. The primary lens used to explore your inner world is a modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS). Learn more about this transformative modality.

Anxiety Avengers: Anxiety as Protection

Anxiety can be something that comes up often in reaction to certain triggers.  We often want anxiety to go away because it can be extremely uncomfortable.  What would happen if you turned towards your anxiety and got curious about it? In this group, we will do a deep dive into how anxiety affects our lives.  You will join a community of others who share this common thread or experience of anxiety and desire to understand it better to live a life that feels more Self-led.  You will learn about the IFS (Internal Family Systems) model and how to use the methods within this modality to build a sustainable relationship with your anxiety.

This group will start on Friday, September 9th
It will run for 10 weekly sessions, on Fridays, for 90 minutes each, from 10a MST until 1130a MST.

Fee: $1000 for 10 weeks

*Please inquire if you are interested but find the fee financially prohibitive, several sliding scale spots are available.

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